2019 Activities and Events
  ***** Associated With The Mega Event *****

Meet & Greet at the Gila Petroglyphs
(Friday pre-event)
9:00 AM
February 8
Should it rain that morning, the event will be cancelled due to scrambling over slippery rocks, and an announcement will be posted prior to 8:00am.

The event is on Arizona State Trust Land and a permit is required.

Lace up your hiking boots and let's meet at the posted coordinates.  Allow 45 minutes to one hour from the parking coordinates.  Round trip hiking is roughly two miles.  From the parking coordinates head east along the north side of the road respecting the neighbors' properties.  At a large pile of rocks look for the beginning of a trail to the north.  Continue on that trail.  There should be cairns marking the trail as you go along the way.  Towards the end expect some boulder hopping and then look for the trail continuing to GZ.  While there we can exchange TB's and look at the petroglyphs.  Also there is a cache GC6CK9G nearby.  There are also caches near the trail to or from GZ.

The general plan is to gather at the parking coordinates at about 9:00 am Arizona Mountain time and then head off as a group to the event coordinates. If you arrive after the group has started hiking, just head on up the trail.

Check out the details and log your "will attend" at GC8235K
How About a Date With Me
(Friday pre-event)
2:00 - 3:00 PM
February 8
A Medjool Date that is....

Martha's Gardens is a popular local date farm with wonderful date products and a good lunch menu. We'll meet at the area near the fountain. Date shakes and food are available inside if you're interested but no purchase is necessary. There will be a few items given away in a drawing for those who attend.

Check out the details and log your "will attend" at GC82CHG

Balloon Blast Flash Mob
(Friday pre-event)
5:10 PM
February 8

A flash mob happens when a group of people assemble suddenly and perform a brief, odd act, then quickly disperse. Meet and laugh with many of the geocachers who will be attending the Yuma Mega Event. This is always a fun short activity.

This year this activity will be at theYuma Palms Regional Center (shopping mall and theater complex).

  Check out the details and log your "will attend" at GC80R29

Be sure to arrive a bit early so you don't miss it.
   You will be surrounded with great restaurants and watering holes, so you may want to take advantage of these with your fellow geocachers.

Yuma Discovery Series
(Saturday pre-event)
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
February 9

Have fun exploring some interesting areas of Yuma and earn a beautiful geocoin in the process.


Come early... visit and laugh with fellow geochachers from near and far under the shade of the big old trees in this lovely park... trade geocaching hints and stories (we know you have lots)...

AT 8AM grab your passport and start your PROSPECTING ADVENTURE to earn one of 350 Cache Fever coins. We will have some drinks and snacks available to take with you. Watch out for claim jumpers!

In the afternoon of February 8, coordinates for the "Discover Yuma" series will be sent (via GroundSpeak) to all those who have logged that they will be attending. On Sunday (February 10) at the Mega Event, we will be at the Coin Sales table to accept passports from those who finish late.

This is an official geocaching event. For more information and to log your "will attend" go to
Meet and Greet
(Saturday pre-event)
5:00 PM to 7:30 PM
February 9
S.W.A.G. would like to invite you to Meet 'n greet with cachers from around the country at this warm-up to the main event. Grab a beer and maybe some great food and then enjoy the company of all the cachers that will be there

This is an official geocaching event. For more information and to log your "will attend" go to
Come Say Goodbye to the Canadians V
(Monday post-event)
8:00 AM to 8:30 AM
February 11

Come and say Goodbye to the Canadians as Philatsea and sweet-marie leave Yuma for Las Vegas for a flight home the next day to the frozen north. This will be the fifth year for this event and 152 people logged last years event (a new record). Also note when it says the event ends at 8:30 it ends at 8:30 as we have to leave. If you arrive at 8:31 you will miss us.

This is an official geocaching event. For more information and to log your "will attend" go to
South of the Border
in Algodones, Mexico
(Monday post-event)
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
February 11

Come south of the Border and meet up at the El Paraiso Restaurant, Ave. A No.14 y2da, Los Algodones, Baja Mexico, (lunch and margaritas optional) from 11 am to noon Arizona time, then go grab the local caches and get the Mexico souvenir.

You can park on the US side of border and walk to the event and caches. All day parking fee is $6.

This is an official geocaching event. For more information and to log your "will attend" go to

  Caches There will be many new caches placed in the surrounding area for you to find and log.  They will be released the weekend of the event. Monitor the new cache publications at geocaching.com
  Lab Caches There are two lab cache adventures this year. Note the limited availability dates and times:
1. Prospecting for Murals in Yuma
February 7, 2019 8AM to February 13, 2019 5PM
2. Prospecting in the West Wetlands Park
February 10, 2019 9AM to February 13, 2019 5pm
(some caches will only be available during the event)

***** At The Mega Event - Sunday, February 10 *****

9:00 AM
Once you arrive at the event please head up the hill to sign the log (big white board at map location #16) with your geocaching handle, then proceed to the ramada (map location #1) to receive your door prize ticket and get a bag of souvenir goodies (if you did not get one at the Discovery Series).
  Some representatives will be providing information about the next GeoWoodstock in Ft. Worth, Texas on May 25. Be sure to stop by their table to say hello and get details.
Food Vendors A nice variety of food choices will be available from our
Geo Bingo
9:00 to 11:15
Get to know other geocachers! Find someone who meets the description in each Bingo box, and then write their username in that box! (For example, another geocachefinder who has scuba dived to find a cache.)  The first players to fill the squares around the border or completely black out the sheet will win special geocaching-related prizes
  Poker Run $ $ $ $ $
9:00 to noon
Pick up a playing card at each of five nearby caches and see if you get a winning poker hand.  Cash prizes will be awarded ($536 total).
X Marks The Spot
9:00 to 1:00
Each participant will be given the same coordinates  to find and mark with their GPS.  The person who is closest to the coordinates will be the winner.
CITO Challenge
11:00 to 12:00
Test your skills against other cachers to see who can pick up the most pennies with a trash grabber in a timed competition.
Best Cache Container
Design Competition
judging at 1:00

Bring your  creative cache container to the event for the contest.  It will be judged on the most interesting and unique design.  The guidelines are: it cannot be store-bought unless it has been modified, it must comply with Groundspeak's guidelines for legal caches, and it must not contain your caching name or any other identifying marks.

There will be 3 adult groups and 2 youth groups.  You need to decide which groups your cache qualifies for and which one you  would like to enter. 
1.  Engineering:  moveable parts or  electrical
2.  Craftsmanship:  no moving  parts
3.  Camouflage
4. Youth groups: a) Under 13 years old   b) 13 thru 17 years old

Entries close at 10:00 AM; judging and awards at 1:00 PM.

  Photo Booth
     9:00 to 1:30
Take your selfies, group photos, family photos etc. at our Photo Booth during the Mega Event. We will have a background and props that you may use.  A host will be available to take pictures for you using your phone or camera, or you may take your own. There is no charge for this service; it is just planned to be part of the fun at the Mega.
Travel Bug Exchange
9:00 to 1:30

TRAVEL BUGS are various objects with a trackable number ON them or a tag ATTACHED to them. These items are meant to travel from one cache or event to another. At this year's MEGA EVENT cachers will be able to drop off, pick up or just 'discover' them.  Before dropping off  Travel Bugs, they must be logged  into the event's inventory by logging a new visit in the form of a note and "drop" each travel bug .  Cachers picking up these Travel Bugs will then log them into their possession.  Cachers can also just 'discover' these items without taking possession of them.

Volunteers at these tables will NOT be responsible for any personal Travel Bugs or coin collections.  Please do NOT leave them on any of the tables to be picked up later.
Path Tag Exchange
9:00 to 1:30
This is an opportunity to give, get, or trade Path Tags. (Table located near Travel Bug Exchange)
50/50 SWAG Donation
Tickets available 9:00 to 1:15
Tickets will be available for a donation. Half of the collected amount will be awarded, split between multiple winners; the other half will go toward the cost of the event. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. Drawing between 1:30 and 2:00
Geocaching Related Vendors Be sure to visit our vendor boothsto see all the geocaching goodies available.
Door Prizes
9:30 to 1:00
Door prizes provided by our vendors and sponsors will be awarded at approximately half hour intervals.
Awards & Prizes
1:30 to 2:00
Awards and prizes for Poker Run, 50/50, X Marks the Spot, etc
Clean Up
2:00 until finished
At the end of the event take a few minutes and help clean up the park. Plastic bags will be provided.