For the fourth time, S*W*A*G has invited Scott Miller to present on GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) at the S*W*A*G* Yuma  Mega-Event. Each year we have received very positive feedback to his presentations. This year he will give a special presentation on Friday night before the event and then conduct two workshops at the Mega Event on Sunday.

Scott is an experienced GSAK user and presenter. In addition to teaching GSAK at local events, he has presented at five megaevents including GeoWoodstock 14er. A highly enthusiastic and prepared presenter, his goal is always to provide an “Adult Learning Experience” through verbal, visual and written materials. Each attendee will leave with “click-by-click” instructions for all material presented.

9:30 - 11:00 GSAK 101 is designed for the beginning GSAK user, covering: What is GSAK; downloading, installing and setting up the program; installing your “My Finds” database; using GSAK search and database features; using GSAK to filter a PQ in preparation for searching for geocaches and loading a database into a GPS. It will conclude with using GSAK to store a PQ into the free app on a cell phone.

11:30 - 1:00 GSAK 201 is designed for the intermediate GSAK user. It will begin with using GSAK to store a PQ into the free app on a cell phone. We will quickly move into using various GSAK macros to filter a downloaded PQ into an efficient search plan and quickly mapping a well-organized route. Time will be allocated for attendees to share their GSAK tips and knowledge.
GSAK Workshops