South West Arizona Geocachers
S*W*A*G Permanent Caches
Each year, around the time of the annual Mega event, S*W*A*G places several new geocaches around the area.  At last count, there were over 350 active S*W*A*G geocaches in the area, including a nice geo-art on the Barry Goldwater Range.
Adventure Lab Caches
There are many Adventure Labs around Yuma.  Check out these five ALs that were created for the Yuma Mega 20th Anniversary celebration, each with 10 stages to discover. You will need a smartphone (Android or IOS) with the Adventure Lab app installed. For general information about Adventure Lab Caches, click here.
Feb 1 - [link] The Ghastly Ghost of Yuma Pioneer Cemetery
Feb 2 - [link] The Case of the Missing Geocache
Feb 3 - [link] Murals in and around Yuma
Feb 4 - [link] Yuma Area Emergency & Support Services (2023)
Feb 5 - [link] Yuma Trivia Pursuits
AC & DC Redux Geocaches
Check out this new series recently placed south of Wellton.  These 664 geocaches replace the AC & DC series recently archived by billyb.  Some of these geocaches are on the Barry Goldwater Range and require a (free) permit
If you decide to go after these geocaches, you are advised to have an AWD or 4WD vehicle, and some areas require a bit of clearance, as well.  Be aware that range rules require you to drive only on existing roads, so don't get caught driving cross-country.  Also, remember that this is desert country, so take plenty of water and don't pet the snakes.
S*W*A*G Events
We host several events throughout the year, generally involving food.  If you're in the area, check to see if we are hosting a Breakfast or Taco Tuesday event.  Also watch for CITO events as we clean up the area.  No events scheduled?  Host one of your own and see who shows up.
  9:00 AM, 01/31/24, Wednesday
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  9:00 AM, 02/01/24, Thursday
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  6:00 PM, 02/02/24, Friday
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  9:00 AM, 02/03/24, Saturday
      by Noot & Foxy
  9:30 AM, 02/04/24, Sunday
      by MOLO#1
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